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updated at 03:19pm on 21/05/2019

by Anonymous gave Ampthill Practice a rating of 5 stars

Thank you - you saved my holiday!

Great service, as always, from the receptionists & GPs at Ampthill Practice who saved my holiday! In packing for my holiday tomorrow, I realised I had not ordered enough of one of the 4 medications I take regularly, and only have 6 days’ worth left.... and am away for 2 weeks.
Repeat prescriptions normally take 2 working days, but the receptionists & GPs helped me out & have issued my prescription so I can go away properly prepared.
Much appreciated.

Visited in August 2018, Posted on 07 August 2018

by M Gardner gave Ampthill Practice a rating of 5 stars

A second positive review!

The Nurse and Dr I saw are lovely. Both were very efficient in dealing with various issues for my daughter and I felt very listened to. Thanks to you both!
I’ve always found reception staff to be polite and helpful too.

Visited in February 2018, Posted on 15 February 2018