FAQ's regarding the proposed merger of Ampthill Practice and Regents Park Practice

Will the merged practice be in one building? 
No, the two sites will remain, one at Crowndale and one at Cumberland Market. There are no plans to move into one shared space.

Will I have to change my GP?
No, you will keep the same GP as you have now, and you will be able to see any available GP if this is more convenient. 

Will I still be able to see my GP face-to-face, or will all appointments be online?
Yes, you will be able to see your GP face-to-face, as you can now. There will still be an online and telephone offer.

Will I have to go to another surgery site?
No, not unless you want to. Both practices will stay in situ as they are. You will be free to attend whichever practice is  more convenient for you when the practices merge, regardless of where you currently attend. 

Will it be harder to get an appointment after the merger? 
No, it should be easier to get an appointment as there will be more clinicians available to book with.

Are you selling the practice to a private company?
No, the practices are merging their patient lists and the two current contracts only. The practices are not for sale. All staff, management, and partners will remain as they are now. 

What are the  advantages of the merger?

  • Patients will be able to access whichever site is most convenient for them, as the list will be combined but the sites remain separate 
  • There will be more clinics and clinicians to book an appointment with - GPs, Nurses, Physician Associates, Clinical Pharmacists, Baby Clinics, Travel Clinics, Family Planning Clinic, Microsuction Clinic, Point of Care Testing Service and others 
  • The practices will be able to respond to demand more effectively by offering a choice of appointments and venues 
  • There will be more administrative and support staff available to help with non-clinical queries from patients, their carers, and outside agencies 
Patients Concerns About the Merger We Can Assure Patients 
Not being able to see/ consult with their current GP Patients will be able to see the GP or most appropriate clinician of their choice
Having to travel to other premises from where they are currently registered Patients can go to whichever site they prefer, be that the one they visit now, or the other site
Practices will be in the hands of a private healthcare provider There is no third party involvement in the merger
It will be harder to get an appointment, as there will be more patients  It will be easy or easier to get an appointment as there will be more staff across the combined sites 
Current staff will be moved or unavailable There are no planned reductions in staffing levels or their place of work 

 Last updated: 08/02/2023